GROHE Red - Starter kit with single lever kitchen mixer MONO L-spout con calentador de tamaño L cromo

Grohe - Red Kitchen Mixer
alrededor de 3-4 semanas

Product details

General Fabricante GROHE
Serie Red
Tipo Starter kit with single lever kitchen mixer
Variante / Modelo MONO L-spout con calentador de tamaño L
Número de artículo 30325001
Diseño de GROHE
Disponibilidad alrededor de 3-4 semanas
Measurements Altura (mm) 378
Proyección (mm) 221
Outlet height (mm) 336
Characteristics Tipo de conexión alta presión
conexión mangueras de conexión flexibles 3/8"
mango(s) manija de palanca
Montaje de montaje en cubierta
Tap holes for 1 tap hole
Tap hole diameter 34 mm
Waste set sin vaciador automático
Spout caño giratorio 150°
Shape Spout L-Spout
Flow angle
Cartridge con cartucho cerámico
  • Push button with illuminated LED ring - for boiling water.
  • Triple electronic protection against accidental activation.
  • Integrated function for filling pots and pans (Potfiller).
  • Classic tap water via the lever.
  • GROHE ChildLock
    Boiling water flows when the child safety button is pushed for one second.
  • GROHE CoolTouch
    For a super-safe surface that’s cool to the touch.
  • GROHE SilkMove cartridge
    Smooth control comes from superior cartridge technology.
  • GROHE StarLight
    High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy.
Characteristics Boiler
Characteristics Boiler Size L / dimensions (Ø x H): 210 x 491 mm
Performance delivers 5.5 litres of 100°C boiling water
Total Capacity 7 litres water
Operating Pressure 1-7 bar
Tension 230 V
Energy Consumption 2200 W
Energy efficiency A
  • Tank made of durable, limescale resistant and corrosion resistant titanium.
  • Neutral taste and safe to drink.
  • With flexible connection hose and outlet for boiling water.
  • Low standby costs due to efficient insulation.
  • Works via a 3-way switch: ON, OFF, HOLIDAY (energy saving).
  • No additional installation components required.
Characteristics Filter
Characteristics Filter Total Capacity capacity maximum 12 months or approx. 600 litres at 20° dKH (German carbon hardness)
  • high-performance filter for an incomparably fresh taste experience
  • to improve the taste of the water & reduce the water hardness.
  • activated carbon filter and ion exchanger filters chlorine, organic compounds and traces of pesticides, reduces heavy metals and carbonate hardness.
  • display panel shows remaining capacity.
  • changing the filter cartridge is easy - just unscrew the old cartridge and screw the new one in.
  • five-stage filtration process: removes the smallest particles from the water, preserves all important minerals
  • the filter has another important function: the limescale is filtered out, which ensures optimum boiler performance and significantly increases the service life of the Grohe water system
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface Color cromo
Materia latón
Superficie brillante
Notes Por favor, tenga en cuenta
  • Please order a cleaning cartridge for disinfection & cleaning of the filter head separately. You will find these under accessories.
  • Fitting with flowmeter. Acoustic signal for pending filter change, number of intervals selectable (180 or 365 days) and after reaching the set litre capacity of the filter.
  • Installation inside the kitchen base cabinet.
  • Equipamiento eléctrico según estándares alemanes.
  • Requiere conexión eléctrica.
  • Las lámparas no se pueden cambiar.
Shipping information
Shipping information Alcance de la entrega
  • Grifo de cocina
  • Calentador de agua
  • Filtro
  • Filter head
  • Flowmeter
  • Battery
  • Light bulb
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